Thursday, June 4, 2009


9 years ago, a group of boys grouped together and decided to resurrect the Annual Concert which has not been held for a few years. They have been jamming together for a few years now, so why not create bands and have a concert?

So the wheels were in motion. We never had specific bands during the weekly jamming sessions at Zai Am, so it was time to create it. The bands were pretty good for those days, but being jokers that we were none of us chose cool names for the bands. My band was the Butterfingers-worshipper, we called ourselves Soda Pop =D Another band played Nirvana religiously and hey called themselves Cock &Tail. Rage Against The Coke Machine played what else if not Rage Against The Machine. The Wisma Mat Sapaks played punk rock. There's prolly a few other bands but these 4 were formed from the core Saturday jamming crowd. See, it wasn't about the bands or the names, we did it just because we wanted to perform (like a rockstar, of course).

Flyers were designed in the spirit of the underground scene of the day, photocopied and distributed to death. I don't remember who designed the flyer, but I designed the backstage pass for bandmembers (I did the flyers for our Form 3 end of year concert - Vociferation Eternity). I still have one of those backstage passes you know.

So everything was in place, and the day arrived. Behold the first Annual Concert after 4 years, Malam Pria Mambo!

The night flew by in a blink of an eye. The bands played well, and I of course sang terribly (yes, I was the vocalist for Soda Pop unfortunately). The crowd was small, some parties pressured the juniors into staying away. The konon-pious crowd stayed away and pressured the inbetweeners into staying away too. Did we mind? No. We had a grand time yessiree.

And for that 15 minutes, I felt like a rockstar wa cakap sama lu...


In said...

Soda Pop I rmbr!
U mmg Toek x igt hehe

The Banker said...

hehe, bukan salu bleh jd rockstar =P

cik kutan said...

we also have "Defgabbers" in college. Jasara designed the fliers and concert poster. where did they get the name? Def Gab C , of course! hahahaha.
gila kan zaman skolah?! when i went to college last month, the 'air' was so different from before. it would've been worse if there weren't any OGs that day. budak2 skarang serious gell study. hehe. tgh jaga scoreboard basketball pun boleh study bio!
oh, and i saw ur juniors in Awani with Suhaimi Sulaiman. soooo charismatic! haha. [x mcm korang ke?!] lol