Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just Another Public Holiday

Raya is only 12 days away, everywhere I go I can hear Raya songs being played. The weekends' traffic jams are getting worse now that people are rushing to do their Raya shopping. New clothes, new furnitures, new curtains, new car. All the fun of the fare.

Me, I've done nothing. Did not even buy a single item of clothing. Actually am not even looking forward to it. For the first time in my life I don't give two hoots about Raya. It will be just another day for me.

I was excited about it before, was planning to enjoy myself. Took 7 days of leave so as not to worry about working so soon after Raya. Then the shit hits the fan. Kementerian decided to send my dad (along with 29 other colleagues) to London for a course. His flight leaves on first Raya. My mom lost her mood for Raya, and decided that we're just going to have our Raya in KL. Just me, mom, dad and my brother. My other siblings will be put up with my gran, so they won't have to miss Raya as well.

Theoretically, Raya is Raya no matter where right? Wrong. I wanna be back in my hometown, in my kampung, meeting and greeting relatives whom I don't even recall who they are, I want to be forced to eat and drink at every house I go to until I had to plead for mercy, I want to eat gran's superb Raya breakfast, I want my Raya. Raya in KL means what for me? Zilch, nada.

I wasted 7 days of my leave just to stay in this damn city for Raya.


guess who.. said...

Reading this pun I almost cry..
Cheissss..tak lengkap tour raya tahun ni..
Without u n mache around.

Nway, nk pinjam buku haruki murakami tu please?

Anonymous said...

alaa siannya!

pegi la short trip to genting ke mana2.. else buat movie marathon ker ker ker. hee. i'll be back on 15th! nanti kita beraya k! *HUGSS*

psttt,since im not working and u working, do i get duit raya?


nanayau said...

Kementerian decided to send my dad (along with 29 other colleagues) to London for a course. His flight leaves on first Raya <<<<<<< kenapa kene on the 1st of syawal itself?! geez.

pity u, just make the most out of it ya, at least u'd be getting some time off to unwind urself n such.

the banker said...

yeah i know who: hopefully i'll be back in time for that lah.

kucing redoules: org dh kawen dont get duit raya anymore by my standards =P

nana: that's the thing. but the course is king's college's, so prolly they're the ones who set the date as such.

Angelic Sinner said...

so many books to be read there.
read Ulysses and summarise it to me later, boleh kan genius? :)
Poppy can only treat the book as a deco.

aa, no peeping kat wikipedia!