Friday, October 19, 2007

Matter Of The Fact Is...

I yearn for anonymity and popularity at the same time.

I yearn for solitude for me to rue and reflect and repent yet also I yearn for company to revive and recharge and regenerate.

I treasure the slow lazy afternoons accompanied by a book and a cold drink, with some music turned down low enough to hear but not loud enough to listen to. Me in my old tshirt and khaki shorts, putting the book down every now and then to pick up the Epiphone and start strumming some notes together. When my fingers start to ache, I'll return to my duck down heaven and slide away into the pages of the book again.

I treasure the loud crazy nights with the blokes, we'll be cussing and eating and laughing and drinking. No dress code required, anything goes. No need for formalities, no need for niceties. Nothing said gets taken to the heart, ever. That's only possible when there's no malice involved, that's why I don't mind being cussed at for hours by these blokes. It's tough love, but it's love all the same. All for one and one for all, oh the cliché-ness of it.

Whoops, another pointless entry.


*fizzy* said...

As 'pointless' as you might feel, I get your point nonetheless.

I do feel like this sometimes.
Wanna be incognito yet I need attention.

yanie said...

hey, selamat hari raya!
u're reading khaled hosseini's a thousand splendid suns eh? i've read it, awesome...have u read the kite runner? should read that one too...missing my bermalas-malasan moments..

kidd said...

Ya Tuhan...bertahun2 aku tidak memanjakan diri dengan novel..dok busy dgn teks ilmiah setahun 2,3,4,5 kali. ah, aku tergolong dalam insan Malaysia yg malas membaca!tidaaaaaak!

the banker said...

fizzy: ditto

yanie: haven't read it yet, no time to finish the current book. pretty soon i'll get started on it ;)

kidd: ya ampun, bacalah sebelum kamu dibacakan (talqin). cuak tak? hahaha

panda bear said...

ya ampun, bacalah sebelum kamu dibacakan (talqin). cuak tak? hahaha < geez, scary. dahla myself pon malas membaca..

Edwin Masripan, said...

ape kate ko bgn.. jogging skit. reserved sgt ko ni. perut dah gelebeh..

the banker said...

eddie: perut old boy, kena maintain. the difference being mine xde whisky je.

Marvene said...

Great work.