Thursday, October 4, 2007

Open Sores

I get mouth ulcers all the time, but this time I bet it's stress induced.

My job is as an internal consultant of sorts (for now, later I will be required to engage clients as well with my thought process). That requires a whole lotta creative thinking and trouble-shooting skills. It's draining to be thinking all day long.

Lately however the workload has increased. It has been hectic since mid September. These days I'm feeling very fatigued and more often than not go to bed early, and keep waking up later than usual. With all the sleep that I'm getting it's a wonder that eyebags are still developing.

I can't stress (pun unintended) enough how much I'm looking forward to my leave next week.


fizzy said...

mcm chegu plak tido awal.. LOL
ulcers?? adoi!!!

Anonymous said...

awwww. gi makan ubat k? *HUGSSSS