Monday, October 29, 2007


'Twas the night before a Robotics examination back in uni days. Oh yes, I am an engineer by training. There was a bunch of us studying the living room of the house I rented with 4 other friends, trying to cram everything and determined not to sleep in order not to waste any time.

As the clock wound closer towards the exam, and the night gets later and later, we got very sick and tired of the engineering cocktail splayed in front of us. We started talking. The YB then proceeded to tell us about his new phone and new phone number. Somehow, The Red Yob got an idea - prank call. Since The YB's number is new, no one had it yet besides us in the living room then. So The Red Yob served as the prankster doing the calls , The YB provided the phone and The Gunner provided the numbers. Me, The Bohemian Rocker, The Captain and The Khanster was the audience.

The stage was set. We all sat in a circle around the phone with the loudspeaker on. The Red Yob dialled a number, it was Golden Goddess' (GG). It was almost 3am, and it rang a few times before GG answered it in a sleep-ladden voice. Here goes the approximate dialogue:

RY: Hello, can I speak toMs GG?
GG: Yes
RY: Ms GG, I'm calling from Era FM and you are on our radio show
GG: Hrmm?
RY: Yes Ms GG, we're on air now. Right now we have a song playing, but we would like you to do us a favour. Is that possible?
GG: Err, OK...
RY: When I give the cue, can you say (RY asked her to say out loud the Radio's popular tagline)
GG: Ermm..(obviously bewildered)
RY: OK Ms GG, my producer has just given the sign than we're about to go live. Are you ready?
GG: Ohh, OK
RY: (in his best radio presenter voice) Itulah tadi lagu You're Beautiful oleh James Blunt, permintaan Natasha dari Gombak. Bersama kita di talian ialah Cik GG, Cik GG adakah anda apa apa-apa yang ingin dikatakan kepada pendengar kita malam ini?

Believe me, we did not expect her to do it. Some people we called earlier just hung up on us. Prolly because she was asleep when we called, prolly because it's done so quickly she has no time to come to her senses. Whatever it was, it was sure as hell funny!

To GG, We're sorry for the prank. We had a tough time facing you in class after that because we're afraid that you'll found out. I'm sure you realized it was a prank there and then when The Bohemian Rocker just burst out laughing when you finished the tagline. We were just crazy boys bored out of our heads, blame it on Robotics. Peace.

P/S: To Era FM, sorry for using your radio's name in the prank. It says something about your marketing that everyone knows the tagline =)


Mlle Linie said...

haih.. takde kerje betul dia nih..

Edwin Masripan, said...

try flyfm flirty 1030 la.. gile best prank mcm tu. haha

fizzy said...

Jahat gell! LOL

But anyway this entry reminds me of our SPM week..
That time kan sape² ada handset kira mcm bagus laa..
I called Hitz.. and so did Lare..

ERA..rentak muzik terkini.

the banker said...

eddie: tuh kena ada pompuan yg suara cm jules lah. baru lah real sket. apa lg, get one eddie and we'll set up another prank!

fizzy: spm week is another story altogether, hahah. maybe next time ;)

Edwin Masripan, said...

thats a tough one.

next time record la. aku rase sume SE bole record.

last prank aku buat was to Aliza.

"sy call nak tanye pasal rumah puan. dah 5 bulan tak bayar ni. lg 3 hari dbkl datang kutip barang2".

gelabah gile babi.

nanayau said...

haha!!! kesian GG, jahat la korang!! (ok, GG stands for?! dont let me make my own assupmtions hehe)

she knew coz i told her, only after u told me, and after u gave me the permission to tell her coz u felt guilty, dang!! she wasnt really buying it though, come on, ERA?!! sporting kan tapi, hehe

nanayau said...

oh Golden Goddess. my bad. i thot there were two ppl who fell for it, ke salah?! abaikan.

the banker said...

eddie: aliza mmg sng gelabah pon kan? haha

nana: golden goddess is just a transliteration of her name, although i bet some people would agree that its a fitting one too =P

the rest just layan jap and then got suspicious and terus hang up. she's the only one who actually went the whole length. was she mad? hehe

Anonymous said...

wakkaka takde keje punye olang!!

kidd said...

wait till mache enters the fray, with his arsenal of pranks!

btw, singgah ke flickr aku. i've dumped 2 new pics.Dua saja yang kurasa layak utk campak dalam flickr.

insafla, nnt hang pulak yang jadi mangsa pranksters.muahahaha.

the banker said...

mrs redoules: of course, who studied anyway in college?

kidd: that reminded me about another prank..hehe

iXa said...

eh i tak baca pun blog u. i was blog hopping and suddenly ternampak ian mcewan - atonement. u really read the book? whoa.

the banker said...

ixa: am reading it, progress a bit slow because i only read it on the train to and fro work. u sound a bit surprised there, hrmm..

baby panda said...

nanti nak pinjam atonement k? =)