Thursday, November 20, 2008


There's so many pretentious blogs out there, I feel like gagging.

One of them writes in the manner you would expect of one or two famous Malaysian blogger. You'll see the resemblance instantly, but that impression was not to last. First thing that gave him away was his English. He wrote primarily in BM, sometimes being abstract and all cryptic. It was fine by me, whatever works for you man. But when he starts interspersing his entries with several lines in English, I start feeling sorry for him. My grammar might be bad, but his is atrocious! And to think that he's been quoting Rimbaud and Freud and poking fun at people who can't speak English properly, how sad. Did he use a dictionary everytime he wants to put in several lines in English?

Another girl is a famous blogger, but I think she is pretentious too. Maybe not as much pretentious as obnoxious. She writes about the pressure of coping with the popularity of her blog, WTF? Perez Hilton don't bitch about it, if you can't cope then stop blogging already. Ohh Ms Under-Pressure-To-Blog-About-Quality-Stuff, your entries are rarely of quality btw. You're just another blogger who happen to have a sizeable following, so it doesn't justify you condemning other people all the time too. Yeah, she has this stuck-uppish demeanour, telling people off for this, for that. And those people are people who reads her blog and probably idolise her too. Wow, this popularity thingy is getting to your head now huh?

Another guy posts pictures of girls in revealing dresses or just about in any circumstance he found blogworthy. He would rant and cuss those poor girls, all the while referring to Muslim values etc. Okay, first thing is, posting those pictures online does not help. You are spreading pictures of their aurat, I think you're getting a share in the sin too. Then all those cusses you throw at them, where's the Muslim value in that? Don't be an ass just because you think you're holier than the rest of us. One of the pictures is downright ridiculous, a picture of a girl eating with a male companion. She was condemned by this guy because apparently her feet is touching the guy's ankles (she was crossing her legs under the table). If you look at the picture, it's barely noticeable. I think this guy is a sicko who spends his time taking discreet pictures of girls and then acts as though he's saving the world while he's at it.

Oh well, for all I know there might be at least 1 out of the 5 readers of my blog out there who thinks my blog is just as bad =P


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

why can't he just share the moral values without the picture. sharing pictures of the accused is not the way to go..definitely not the islamic way dude !

kidd said...

"hate the sin, love the sinner"..does it ring a bell?

If only people stick to this...

NoktahHitam said...

KBMALL dah tutup! Nyesal tak back up. HAHAHA.

You have to admit, being popular is tiresome. You have to meet expectations each time you pen down your thoughts. If you happen to cross Kenny Sia's blog, you'll notice he has more haters comment now than usual. It's like Mr Bean, love at first sight, hate on the second.

I do read your blog, thoroughly, although many-many times I failed to read between the lines :P

The Angelic Sinner said...

haha, i love to hate them as well.
especially that Sarah girl.
oh last year was so much better without those pretentious bloggers.

in return, they and you can hate me as well..but then why should you hate a has-been kan? haha

The Banker said...

life4hire: ditto.

kidd: same dgn one something i heard from my mom, "if a bad man gave you a good advice, treasure the advice all the same".

nh: xde dah? haha, too bad then for org yg baru nk tgk.

i think my blog is like the small kopitiam where some regulars hang out as opposed to where all and sundry pegi. kau dh tahap oldtown dh kot, starbucks tuh dh kennysia, hehe

theangelicsinner: one of the reasons i x bgtau name n url those blogs is sbb i nk tgk whether ppl will think abt the same blogs or not. apparently not! which sarah girl???

aishah said...

i always like your blog...

The Angelic Sinner said...

nevermind abt her
btw there's just so many blogs here and i dont think we read the same blogs..

kidd said...

kopi di NH hitam dan pekat.
kopi di sedikit ringan,latte.
blog aku tak ada kopi miahaha.

Dekat kampung aku, ada OldTown outlet. balik kpg aje, singgah pekena roti bakaq.masyiuk dan RM4++ terbang riang.

The Banker said...

kidd: amboi, mcm la roti bakaq kedai kopi biasa x best. haha

kidd said...

Ek mau lebey bro.muakaka.

It's just about the hype lah.To try new things.4 ringgit can cater me roti kosong+roti telur+longjack coffee elsewhere.

BabyCrownz said...

"Another girl is a famous blogger, but I think she is pretentious too."
i think i know whos the girl.. but i dont want to mention here.. hehe

nyway, i love ur blog banker! :D

*fizzy* said...

ececece..ramai peminat banker nampak.. ;)

nway, this is one of the reasons lah my mood to blog lessen day by day.. too many people blog.. and mostly for the wrong reasons.. which only brings bad impression to us yg write for pleasure..
i miss the good old days back in '03-'04..there weren't so many blogs and i get to concentrate to daily-read them all..

on a different note, thanks for suggesting "the notebook" to shambie.. i fell in love instantly with it!! slept @ 4am semata2 nk abes kan the movie. so sweet!!!!!

kidd said...

the notebook?

cerita di rumah orang tua.cerita cinta zaman muda dia.

cerite tu ke?

Nissie said...

consider saya reader (baca:stalker) baru blog anda :p

The Banker said...

aishah & jaq: thanks!

fizzy: actually, i haven't seen it yet. just heard my female colleagues waxing lyrical about it, so I tolh shambie about it. lol

nissie: welcome!