Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad Day

I took another day off yesterday to clear off my annual leave for the year. I woke up early (bummer) and watche dTV until about 11 something before getting ready to go out and service Renee (the car, I'm talking about the car!).

Drove the short distance to the service center and waited about an hour for everything to get done. After paying and just about to leave, I noticed my hands-free kit was missing from the car. After looking for it for 5 minutes, I got out of the car and complained to the manager that someone stole my stuff.

Disappointingly, he kept telling me that I might've left it at home. Are you stupid, I remember putting it away before exiting the car at your SC and I've been telling you that several times now. Then he asked the mechanics and seemingly no one has seen it (surprise surprise). So just like that, it vanishes into thin air.

Since they're not gonna refund me, I said it's alright. I told him I'm not mad because it's a very valuable thing, but I'm mad because someone stole my stuff from my car when I leave the car in their hands. Bluntly I told him "you better jaga your boys here, one of them is a thief".

I thought that's enough to ruin my day. I went back and check my mailbox for bills and was shocked to see my water bill for Sept-Nov was in total exceeded RM300! I was fuming mad, I called the management office, but they already left for the day (or just not bothered to pick up). I called up my relatives just to check on their rates and was quickly convinced that I've been conned. My aunt with a family of 5 in total + washing the cars and watering the plants, never exceeded RM30 per month.

I thought I would escape Monday blues by taking leave, I couldn't be more wrong *sigh*.


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

what the fuck RM300 ? ada org curi air kt kondo ko ke? even aku nyer bil air setahun pon tak sampai RM150 beb...tuh dok 6 org tuh...giler babi !

moral di sini..jangan amik cuti ari isnin...konon nak elak blues tempat kije..last2 jadi blues utk aku..hehe

kidd said...

Bro,having an RM300 water bill is like having a car wash operation,24-7. Do check if there is any mods found at your water meter.

A bad day is just an opening for the better. Just leave it subside and heads first for a new dawn.

Like Earl said, maybe because it's karma?

aishah said...

RM300 for 3 months memang mengarut. u better check it dengan syarikat air yang berkenaan.
here in selangor, water bill is free. alhamdulillah. :P

NoktahHitam said...

I bet it's Proton Edar.

I used to send my car there but when they denied changing my K&N filter and stealing my strut bar, I gave up the whole franchise. And the attitude "ala.. dah name proton". Babi.

I'm guessing you had bubble party everyday,.. selambe tak ajak!

kidd said...

@NH:everyday?wow, a Malaysian Hef perhaps?


*fizzy* said...

you're conned alright.. and yeah, i do agree with kidd that you should have the management check your water meter..
RM300..dah buleh buat bayar Qurban dah tu kat kutan nih..

@kidd: a msian hef?? yuckss.. :p

kidd said...

as disgusted as you are, fizzy :D

but don't ever blame rm300 water bill for an excuse that you abandoned mandi pagi (water saving)muahaha

The Banker said...

life4hire: benar, blues itu ada dimana2 rupanya, sigh

aishah: i'm in selangor too, tp jauh dari free nih!

nh: oh well, invites are randomly passed out to random chicks passing out dekat heritage row.

fizzy: tuh la, mmg den x bayar la bil mahal cmtuh

kidd: i cant be hef yet, no bathrobes and grotto for the the parties.

mandi pagi itu musti, ingat aku cina bukit yg pegi keje x mandi ke? dlm lrt pagi2 muke dh berminyak sakan, bau pon bleh tahan pong, dugaanku mencari rezeki...

Nissie said...

monday blues is everywhere. ~~

The Banker said...

nissie: right on.

distant observer said...

In my case, someone from the service centre exchnage my new rim and tyre with his old rim and used tyre...I only realised abt it a couple of months after the service.. By the way, how often does one inspect the spare tyre everytime the car has been sent for servicing....