Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last Sunday marked 2 years of me being with the bank, and it has gotten me thinking ever harder. Am I happy? Is this really what I foresee myself doing for the next 20-30 years?

I studied engineering for 5 looong years, and did not even thought about pursuing that line of career because I have not much interest in it. The ridiculously low pay and high workload just served to further guide me away from engineering as a career choice. But it served me well back then, somehow girls were impressed that I was doing an honours degree in electrical & electronics engineering. So yeah, that piece of paper now lying in its' folder in my spare room at home only served its purpose to get me a job. Any job.

I applied for only one job, after much prodding by The Haz. I had no idea what the work was gonna be like, no idea whether I want to do it. I applied just so that I can practice my interview technique. My HR Manager was shocked when I told him that, perhaps I shouldn't have been so frank with him? I went along with the phone interview, then the first round face-to-face interview, then the 4-level assesment process and whaddya know, I was offered the job!

I was very lucky I know. Lots of other people wanted this job so badly, but so happens I managed to convince the people assessing me that I am the man they want. Not lucky enough? I got offered the job while I was still in my final semester, with my thesis only halfway completed, and I was due to start work on the same day I was gonna sit for my final paper. The penultimate paper if you must. (If you wanna know, I rushed through the 3-hour paper in 2 and ran back to the apartment to shower and change and arrived at the office for my first day at work at 12.30pm, of course I've told them in advance why I'll be late)

Fast forward 2 years on, I'm starting to wonder if what I'm feeling lately is not just the normal grumbles of a peon, but it might be discontentment showing.

I love the artistic side of things, though admittedly my talent is rather lacking. Working in a bank is currently utilizing 0.01% of that part of me, and I feel stifled. I envy my friends who have gone on to become art gallery curator, news anchor, professional photographer, professional musician amongst other things. They are happy. Am I?

No I haven't decided on anything, and I won't jump into making a rash decision. I need to think this through, and when (or if) I have decided, you will know.

PS: jogging and Domino's Classified Chicken pizza both helps in bringing down the stress level.


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

after SPM, i just thought of only one thing..finding money to support my parents. i decided to skip the university thing and start a business of my own...apparently my mum insisted at least i have a degree before i do anything else...so here I am...working for at least 4 years before i even try to go back to my dream again..just for the sake of my 4 years in UM..i'll make another decision when I have been working 4 years under someone else and reevaluate what I want to do for life..

kidd said...

Aaah, the usual 'am I happy' pondering moments.

For some, money ruled over happiness. but if you think that happiness mattered most, then dig deep, no rush .But rezeki comes through various channels..So whatever job you wanna embark, i bid u goodluck and godspeed. Showbiz? looking forward seeing you on TV.haha.

aishah said...

It was good to reconsider your path, but after only 2 years, it is a bit too soon, i think. i dont know about you, but i have to at least serve for 3 years or else i have to pay a sum of gantirugi to the gov.

after all, you've been to all places because of your job. you re lucky, tau! so, be thankful, love your job. for now.

i m such a lame advisor. hihi. :P

Anonymous said...

how should i put it eh? from my experience, working in a bank sucks. no matter what field ur from / doing. period. hehe

NoktahHitam said...

Mache told me about your insistent to quit your current job.

If I were to give you any advice, hang on at least another year. Why? Because you have a housing loan and a car to pay. If you had either one, it wouldnt be much of a problem.

Self employed is really, really nice. But you are bound of shortage once in a while. If you can live with that, then go for it.

First few years, it'll hurt like bitch. Once your work is acknowledged, you'll have clients waiting for you.

The thrill is when you secure a contract, big or small. It gives you the feeling "I'M PURE AWESOME". Hahaha (quote: jack black)

Seriously bro, I think you'd make an excellent entrepreneur.

The Banker said...

life4hire: good choice.

kidd: showbiz? hahaha

aishah: i'm not bonded by contract, just bonded by my financial commitments =P

anon: yes it can suck, haha

nh: insistent, yes but not immediately. that's why i'm just thinking about it. we'll see in due course, but the change won't happen anytime real soon lah. even more so during economic uncertainties like now.

distant observer said...

If u r considering a different career, may b u should wait for VSS.... at least u get paid extra....

The Banker said...

distant observer: that's a good idea, but they haven't offered vss for long while now..

Nissie said...

stick to whatever you're having now. yes, we're talking about passion and interest, whether you're happy or not. but when you snap your fingers and back to reality, money is everything nowadays.

if your current job, pay u the highest compare to any kind of others that you dream of having, then why bother to change?

stick to it, find cash and pamper yourself at the end of the day. ;)

it might sound soooooo easy for someone that's not in your shoes to say like this kan, but that's just my two cents je.


The Banker said...

nissie: that was the original plan, sticking to whichever job that pays the most. but then after a while, u'll realize money isn't everything. of course even if i'm taking a paycut, it has to be realistic. no one's gonna help me with my mortgage and car loan repayment, right? =P

Nissie said...

hehehehe yeahhhh true. :P

well, if we're talking about having a job of something that u have passion on it, i suddenly remember this one time when i was having a breakfast with a friend.

a professional photographer, around 35 and he's in the field like almost 12 years. For god sake, he loves photography, but then that time he said, at the beginning you'll feel blessed because u're doing something that u have passion on it, but later on until one point you find yourself get bored with it. it's become something routine, something normal, and you don't have fun doing it anymore. plus he said, his friend, which is a musician who become a sessionist somehow after a few years got bored with his job too.

Huhu. so I think from those two storiesbit's normal if until one time people start asking theirselves "am I happy with this job" or not. because i think everyone did, and will do. hehehe. (and maybe i'm gonna too, soon. :P ) and in your case maybe you're pondering moment was a bit sooner.