Friday, November 14, 2008

List Of The Day

What I'd like to do:
- repaint my bedroom fresh crisp white, the original peach is downright ugly.
- repaint the furniture fresh crisp white too.
- DIY the closet idea I've had for weeks, I need the extra space badly.
- get on with the balcony mini garden plan, some greens would do wonders.
- rethink and redo the living room, it's getting boring after one year.
- print large size and frame some of my pics, the frames have been lying unused for months.
- make a second housewarming after redeco work is done.
- buy any of these: superwide angle lens, battery grip, pocket wizard.
- buy all of the three mentioned above, and not worry about how am I going to afford it.
- go for a long drive to somewhere nice, and not worry about exorbitant fuel price and toll charges.
- have a long lingering bath, with some Sade or Norah Jones or Missy Higgins playing in the background
- have a fruitful writing session on the balcony, with a mug or two of hot chocolate.
- start painting watercolour again, it's been a year since the thought last crossed my mind.
- actually go ahead and DO all of the above instead of just thinking about it.


Miss Aida said...

What's stopping you?

kidd said...

that many...macam list Earl pulak.

The Banker said...

miss aida: procrastination..

kidd: list earl bagus beb, haha

kidd said...

Just don't ended like Earl...sudahlah bro.

aishah said...

good luck with everything. huhu :)

asniloveschocolate said...

actually go ahead and DO all of the above instead of just thinking about it. <-- heh. good one. ;)

The Banker said...

kidd: aku x tgk sampai abes lg bro, jgn cite!

aishah: thanks, heh

asni: tq ;)