Wednesday, December 24, 2008

KL Peeves

It must be a Malaysian thing, makciks and aunties carrying a Harrods' bag as though it's a posh handbag. It's gonna open in KLCC, so there goes the 'boli kek London nih ha' tag. Rest in piece.

I don't mind braving the traffic jam, or the droves of people in Bukit Bintang on weekends. I am annoyed though at the flocks of schoolkids dressed similarly (guys in skinny jeans, funky t-shirts and a variety of caps, while the girls in whatever Sg Wang is having on sale last week) loitering around the Sultan Ismail/Bukit Bintang intersection. Shuffle my ass, go do your homework!

I pity butches, or pengkid as they call it here, I do. They do try so hard to look like a man, don't they?
- Polo tees with the collar turned up, checked.
- Hair done up in spikes or leaving an ekor at the back, checked.
- A multitude of supposedly male accessories (like bangles and silver necklaces, haha), checked.
- Smokes like a chimney, checked.
- Grabbing tight to the girlfriend at all times or at least hold hands, checked.
- Mannerism as kerek as possible, checked.
Basically they did all they can to look like a mat rempit, is that not reason enough to pity them?

Yeah, I've been doing this quite a bit now. It's therapeuthic.


|1f34|-|1r3 said...

"I don't mine braving the traffic jam"..what's that supposed to mean?
typo ?

let me add a few things...
- standing in the pavement like it's their own courtyard
- littering as they're at the dumpster recycling factory
- wearing pasar malam Dr Martins as brag like they bought it from the boutique.

ZubaidahArshad said...

But swallow the fact that though those dykes are trying hard to look like real men (and they indeed fooled me quite a few times already), most of them have super cute girlfriends, no?

Ok that super word may be exaggerating, but they have cute girlfriends, don't they?

Now just don't go deep into imagining their road down the Hershey highway


The Banker said...

life4hire: typo la, edited, i havent worn my doc marts for ages, dh berhabuk dah..haha

zubaidaharshad: yes unfortunately so. such a waste, haha.