Friday, December 5, 2008

Never Forget

Tribute time again.

5th December 1995-5th December 2008. 13 years as a matter of fact, that's how long I've known these folks I call brothers.

If you read through my old posts there would be quite a few referring to them either in the current timeframe or in those 5 years I spent in Kuala Kangsar. Yes I am closest to these bunch of people. It helps a lot that I have many of them living nearby and/or working nearby.

For this post I'm gonna tell a(nother) story, not witty, not funny and not even interesting. It's more to do with me, but those people are the pak pacaks in this story, so it is kinda related, kinda.

5th December 1995, I was woken very early in the morning. I think it was 3am or so. Mom woke me up and told me to resume sleep in the car. So i got up with sleep ladden eyes and got into the backseat and naturally dozed off again. I woke up again when we were somewhere near Grik, where my dad stopped at a mosque so that I can shower and change into the spanking new white shirt, white pants, black Bata shoes and black belt (not of the karate kind, mind you).

Before long we arrived in Kuala Kangsar, the sleepy town in the heartland of Perak. We passed by Prep School and turned left at the intersection to head towards Big School, the most recognizable landmark for my dad. My first concrete image of MCKK was Moque '96 standing by the Prep School gate ushering parents and my future brothers in the compound. Him in the maroon blazer reserved for prefects looked like the epitome of the school for me then.

At Big School only we realized that registration was at Prep School, so we head back. I remember a chaos of colours and many different dialects spoken. And of course, young boys in all white outfits looking as lost as I was. Registration was a blur for me (except for an episode concerning Rustam, but that's another story), as I was still taking in the new sights.

Then we were ushered to my new bed, the one that my mom won't be changing the sheets or sweeping under it. Mom helped me unpack and put my stuff in the old wooden locker, and dad helped me install the mosquito net (yes, we still used those then). Then it's time for lunch.

We went out to Lembah to have lunch, again I kept seeing boys in white everywhere. All fresh-faced and innocentlike (like only, after a while I know it's a misconception!). Then head to Fajar Supermarket to get some biscuits and fruits for me before heading back to Prep School.

It was 2pm by then, and as I stepped out of the car my dad said "this is it, we're leaving now". I remember my answer was "why, they say parents can stay until five". Dad told me they have to make the long drive back and since my brother and sister are at home and mom was preggers with Iffah at the time, they'd like to reach home before dark.

So I head up to Dorm D and sat on my top bunk of the double decker bed. I watched out the window since I know Dad will take the Jalan Taiping to head home. Then I saw it, that blue car going by. Reality hits, I felt abandoned and angry. Then the wave of loneliness hits. I looked around the dorm and see other kids still with their families. I was jealous.

After 5pm, Prep School has settled to a melancholic quietness. I was lying down in my bed, trying not to think about my loneliness. I looked to my right and saw A78 shining his shoes. To my left, A81 is sitting up on his bed and writing his name on the exercise books. Then I saw it, the glistening stream down his cheeks. I got up and went to the toilet and yes, I cried.

Happy 13th year anniversary to the Thoroughbreds of 9600. Never forget.


idya said...


comel plis nanges dlm toilet..

demmm, i cried everyday for 4 months tk silap aku mase f1.. esp. mase subuh.. sayu gell.. lol

NoktahHitam said...

Awww bro. *pat pat*

I think everyone cried, if not physically, mentally.

Happy Bday.

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

happy bday's been 13 years already ?? damn !

kidd said...

13 years already.happy belated.
13 years and the memories clung inside, fresh and untouched.
Wish I had a time machine and go see with my own eyes, how we fared those days.
Lingering into past pieces is a bliss.

youppe said...

happy birthday 9600.

never forget.

The Banker said...

idya: haha, kitorang xde masa nk sayu sgt dh pas 1st day, jadual packed nk mampos..

nh, life4hire, kidd, youppe: yeap, and here's to 13 more, and beyond!

ZubaidahArshad said...

Hey! Surprise surprise!

I looovveee your blog

Best regards

The Banker said...

ZA: hey thanks! you write well too =)

toyonne said...

oi dude..
kau dorm E ke dorm D dulu?
haha selambe tak claim dorm.
anyways.. happy anniversary dormmate! =)

never forget..

The Banker said...

toy: shit, salah dorm! hahaha jap aku tukar

asniloveschocolate said...

serious nanges?! wow. i didn't call home for two weeks sbb happy sangat jumpe ramai kawan.hihi. my parents risau gell. heheh.

The Banker said...

asni: yeah,that's the truth..hehe

apai said... u all

never forget.