Friday, December 19, 2008


I'll turn 26 in exactly 1 month. Wow.

I am tired of listening about the attitude of some of the recent landslide victims. Maybe someone should drill into their heads that shit happens, and it's partly your fault too for wanting to live on the hillslope. Now that it happened, no point in being an ass about it. The people there are trying to help you, jangan la macam bagus sangat expect orang buat itu ini. It's funny when natural disasters hit poorer people, they are very thankful for every bit of help they got. From what I'm seeing, these folks are getting more than usually given to poorer folks. Kau ingat kau kaya tuh kau bagus sangat ke? Makes me sick.

I hate it when people I don't know add me on Facebook and not leave a message so as to why are they adding me. They might be long lost friends or even relatives, or might even be readers of this blog (ha, wishful thinking) but tell me who you are! I don't approve strangers blindly, sorry.

I think the cleaning lady has a vendetta against me. Almost everytime nature calls she'll be cleaning the toilet thus barring it from use. I had to skip down the stairs to the next level, so ma fan.

I'm still thinking what to get myself for my birthday. Should I go and tint the car, or should I buy the battery grip instead?

I wonder if Muntazer al-Zaidi called Bush a 'dog' or the more correct term a 'bitch'.

I wanna go to The Wine Room and catch that band again. Anyone else?

Lapar lah, lambatnye lunch.


Perky said...

I'm with you on the FB part where ppl just add you without telling you who they are (and some of them don't even say hi!). I think it's just plain rude, so I don't add them either.

As for the landslide issue, I think they should've handled it differently, such as going to the cops and let them investigate the matter 1st instead of going to the media accusing the volunteers of such crimes.

aishah said...

the victims, i agree with you.
the facebook, agree too.
the cleaning lady, maybe she hates you. haha.
for your birthday, tint your car.
by now, hopefully, u've had your lunch.
happy weekend.

aishah said...
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The Angelic Sinner said...

just be nice toek +)
facebook isnt a big deal

NoktahHitam said...

Wine Room. Pure awesome. Somehow my pocket change doesn't allow me to do so :D

Enava? Cari kan FB.

BA? Well.. Malas nak cakap banyak. But if they paid taxes 10 times more than others, it does allocate them something bitchin. Just not too much.

The Banker said...

perky: exactly

aishah: happy weekend to you too!

em: i'm always nice kan? =P

nh: thats not a legit argument bro, like that im entitled better treatment just because im paying taxes over those who are not? if that is the case, xleh nk ckp apa lah.

NoktahHitam said...

True. Just a thought. Nothing personal.

It's like driving Bimmer, "move over bitch I paid 4k road tax!" Betul2. Not legit.

Tp most BA friends aku, chill je.

ZubaidahArshad said...

What I did on the eve of my birthday:

1) Ordered multicolor plates of sushis at one local Japanese restaurant - alone

2) Got behind the wheel and drove directionless for a couple of hour and ended up at one mall - alone

3) Bought a few tees and pants and sandals and perfumes and what not - alone

4) Sat in a restaurant having a medium rare steak with a glass of orange juice - alone

5) Cried all my heart out - shoulderless and alone

Hahahaha I am nothing but a dried prune bitch.

The Banker said...

nh: enava was awesome, as expected..haha

1) i prefer to eat sushi alone pon, lg puas =P
2) long drives, kalau x jam it's fun!
3) which reminds me i need to get new perfume too.
4) i go for lunches n dinners alone all the time, alone is not necessarily lonely.
5) aww, there there

weird though it may seem, i kinda enjoy being alone most times.

aishah said...

oh. i got my car a new tinted anyway this weekend. hihi.

The Banker said...

aishah: really? how much, which brand?

The Yoga Instructor said...

IMHO, Wine Room is the worst possible venue for a showcase when big bands / stars involved.

Was there that Friday and I swear, to not go for live acts there again and if I can swear again, I swear Marcell is the sexiest male alive! Or that Friday night at least :)

P.S. I am not a fan of Marcell's music, was there for pure eye-candy. Can't imagine being squished in supersempit (and superrempit mungkin) Wine Room when Andra & The Backbone performed!

The Banker said...

ninie: yeah, thats y i didnt go for the marcell showcase. on normal nights its just nice and cosy, i hate crowds.

tp tuh la, kadang2 ramai pulak rempit kat situ..