Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Tuesday is coming to an end. My day starts and ends with the working hours on weekdays. I'm gonna go off a bit earlier today, not in the mood to work too hard today. Early is before 7pm. I swear I'll get home earlier when I have a family. Honest.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I never failed yet to wear the maroon and stripes tie every Wednesday since I started work. Why? Because I'm damn proud of it. Because I'm easily recognizable to fellow oldboys who invariably have always came up to me and shook hands as though we've known each other for ages: even when we're complete strangers. It makes me feel good.

Mental note:
Buy Anthony Burgess' The Malayan Trilogy at the earliest instance. Been putting it off for years. Ohh, and look out for the final edition of Rehman Rashid's The Malaysian Journey as well.

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