Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yesterday we had a dinner honouring the Chairman at KL Hilton. The lot of us went, and we managed to grab a table all to ourselves. Call us social retards, but we just want to eat and be merry after a hard day's work. Plus, we've socialized enough outside the ballroom. Freeflowing booze seemed to make everyone much friendlier.

The spread was good (the salmon in cream sauce was superb), but the acoustics of the hall sucks. The band playing was so-so, and the singer was good only on certain numbers. Don't Cry For Me Argentina was good though.

Irene had an allergic reaction that ruffled our feathers for a bit, but it's all good in the end.

Afterwards, headed down to Zeta Bar. I wasn't too keen, it's a working night. But then, the band was quite good. Better than the one performing during the dinner. Enjoyed the performance, and the crowd too. Nanu was there, I was glad to see her. As I told Alicia, I have a sort of affection for her. I guess the old (oops, elderly?) man besides her won't be so pleased were I to go and chat her up.

There's three girls 'looking for trouble', as Alicia put it too. Butt ugly, wouldn't even consider it. Rule of thumb: If a girl looks good in a club, be prepared for the truth outside the club. So if they collectively looked like a cross between Macy Gray lookalikes and the trannies who live at the condo nearby my place, I can't imagine what is it like to wake up next to them.

Who said bankers don't have a life?

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