Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Blues

USD now stands at 3.45. If I have the money to speculate, I would've bought some and anticipate the reversal of the slide. I'm guessing it'll slide right until 3.30 before it stabilizes. But then, this is an untrained view. I am just an interested bystander.

USD is sliding, yet I don't see prices of goods coming down.

Went to the Wine Room on Saturday with a few friends, the usual suspects. Still the same band playing - Arab, Mimi, Purnama and co. I know I've heard their repertoire countless times, yet I still go there just to listen to Tiada Lagi and She's Gone. They're good, go and see them if you have the chance.

I spent almost the whole Saturday out. Waking up late (which is the ritual on weekends), went to Dome for lunch with the gang, then drove all the way to Damansara to pickup some stuff for Fara. At about 9 something, drove all the way to Putrajaya to pass her her things before heading back to Ampang. Arrived home just in time for a shower and a change of clothes before heading out to Asian Heritage Row.

Sunday was spent in bed almost exclusively. Time to recuperate before work starts again.

And now, it's Monday again. I hate Mondays. And Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays too. Fridays are a bit more bearable, but only just.

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