Friday, March 23, 2007

The Race for As

I pity kids these days. Gone were the days when 7As was enough to get you the pat on the back that you deserved. Although the kid who got 19A1 turned out to be a false alarm in the end, but it's alarming for me to see this race for As as if nothing else matters. For the record, I scored only 5As and 5Bs for my SPM, and I think I'm doing well enough now. What does all that As guarantee? Maybe a scholarship to prestigious universities all over the world. What's next? Bonded for 10 years at GLCs that don't really know what to do with its' graduates, and getting paid peanuts in the process. A friend famously stated "I got it in my mind that my pay is actually RM7k per month, just that they minus RM5.2k each month to payoff my scholarship."

Me, I'm happy. Not bonded, not bothered.

Wait, did you get the message I'm trying to say? It's supposed to convey that 'rezeki ada dimana-mana' (sorry, don't know how to translate that), and not 'takyah study pon gaji best gak'. Don't get that mixed up.

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*fizzy* said...

Hola,Mr Banker..

This is so true.
I think students these days hold strong to one belief: "the more the merrier"..

I remember reading in a newspaper, someone voiced his concern over this current phenomenon.
He said students should only take subjects that are related to what they wanna be in the future.
And they should concentrate more on those subjects.

Then again, who am I to say what's good or bad.
I didn't do that well in my SPM anyway.. LOL

Take care.