Thursday, March 22, 2007

A New Dawn

Maybe I should start with a little bit about me. You can just call me by my pseudonym, I respond to The Banker from now on. My real one? Maybe someday I'll let you know. Maybe not.

Why am I having a blog? No, I'm not gonna do reviews, or political satires, or serial dramas a la The Datin Diaries. I'm just gonna blurt whatever it is that comes to mind. It's a terrible weight to hold everything in my poor brain.

What am I like? Geez, I dunno. I'm still young, and younger at heart. I listen to music a lot and I read a lot too. I'm not always into what other people are into, I follow my own timephase.

I'll reveal more as we go along, too much info up front spoils the fun in discovery non?