Friday, September 28, 2007


Managing people is not easy. Managing idiots are near impossible. I pity a colleague of mine who had a grievance letter filed against her. The reason? Well, the problem stemmed from the choice of menu for a Raya makan-makan. Someone doesn't want chicken, and another doesn't want beef or mutton. When fish was proposed, everyone else objected as it's not Raya like to only have fish. So chicken is back into the picture. Then the original guy gets incensed and soon they start bickering among themselves. Note, these people involved are all Malay clericals and something about a Union directive was also involved. Soon the exec (my friend) and some officers intervened. That's when they all decided to file a grievance because my friend and the officers apparently insulted and threatened them by saying "gaduh macam budak sekolah" and "the bank pays for our salary". I would have said something far worse were I to be there. Imbeciles.

I don't what is it about these people that they follow the Union's directive blindly. Maybe there's a flock mentality and peer pressure, but most times I think they're just being dumb. Have you seen the badges they wear to work? "We Deserve 30% Raise" and "The Bank Is Stealing Our Bonus". I would love to give them a piece of my mind about it, but that would invite grievances against me and possibly disciplinary action too. Sigh. You deserve a raise? Prove that with your KPI then maybe we'll talk more. The bank steals your bonus? Feel free to leave and seek employment elsewhere. Of course, not in a bank as all banks will do the same thing. No one is making you stay with that kind of negative attitude. I wonder if these people realize that they are losing their bonus because of the salary demands? They have the Union to thank for it.

True it doesn't apply to all. Most of them are just regular hardworking folks, and yes a lot of them just ignore the directives to not do extra work and not to join non-work related activities. I respect these people for having a mind of their own, to charter their own course. I hope these people will make the step up soon. They are the ones who deserved it.

I don't tolerate idiocy.


kidd said...

indeed its hard for handling people with their mouth do the work instead of letting the work do the talking. and i'm very dissapointed to hear that they are Malays.
and a quote from Vinnie Jones

"Dont underestimate the simplicity of stupidity.."

liani said...

*blinks* *blinks* hahaha.. monday is gonna be a hell of a day...

Anonymous said...

i went to maybank few days back and muka staff yg attended me macam *^&%W&^^ as if kita ni mintak sedekah pulak dengan dia, and i noticed there's a badge on her tudung saying, "BANK ROMPAK BONUS KAMI".

i know tis is mean but i secretly tell myself that she 'deserves' it!!!!!!! hee. bite meeee.

panda bear said...

memalukan.. kalau taknak ayam, takyah makan. abis cerita. ayam is so universal, can't expect just because of 1 person tanak makan, semua orang tak makan ayam.. alternatively, there are always vegies.

inilah melayu, suma nak ikut kepala sendiri. takleh mengalah langsung. majority wins lah beb, tak blaja ke democracy?

idiotic morons.

the banker said...

i'm lucky that my subordinates are good hardworking people. when i was in bukit bintang also my team were just as good. it's just that these bad seeds need to be weeded out before they cause any more harm.

Edwin Masripan, said...

to be honest, Maybank commercial banking sucks. i wrote an email asking about online credit card transaction, the never did came back until today. it was a year ago

best of all, i CCed the Umar Swift. second man of maybank. umar swift is my dads buddy. he called and referred me someone else. till this day.. no response. you expect bonus?? idiots.

the banker said...

haha, something iswrong somewhere then. banking IS about service.